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Updating without downtime means updating virtual machines one at a time or in groups (such as one fault domain at a time) rather than all at once.By doing so, any virtual machines that are not being upgraded can keep running.For more information about the upgrade Domain Count attribute, see Web Role Schema or Worker Role Schema.When you perform an in-place update of one or more roles in your service, Azure updates sets of role instances according to the upgrade domain to which they belong.To avoid ambiguity, let’s distinguish four types of OS update you might want to perform: Virtual machine scale sets that are deployed as part of an Azure Service Fabric cluster are not covered here.See Patch Windows OS in your Service Fabric cluster for more information about patching Service Fabric.This article discusses the details of this last step – the rolling upgrade.Azure organizes your role instances into logical groupings called upgrade domains (UD).

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Complete the following steps to resolve the data mapping discrepancies and manually update unresolved type definition instances: You also can use the Update From Typedef method to approve and apply all type definition instance updates programmatically.

However, Lab VIEW may lose or incorrectly preserve the default values of instances Lab VIEW updates programmatically.

It might be better for Aurora to prioritize the "adding instances" step of upgrades.

for each region (east pointing to west URL and viceversa).

Often times, when adding capacity to a service, I increase the number of instances and the batch_size that the updates roll out at.

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