Updating indexes myeclipse


It will also contain mirrors that have been configured in your Maven Settings ( If you have been using Maven, you are familiar with the Central Maven repository.This is default repository from which Maven will retrieve dependencies and other artifacts needed during a build.You have to have at least a user XOR the reference to an installed Maven runtime (which you have configured).I have tried all these lesser deletes, but it won't help. I am using an external Maven 3.0.3 installation and m2eclipse configured with Eclipse Indigo and I am definitely not behind any proxy.

You should probably make an answer out of your egit comment part, as new answers in comments don't get much attention.

After i set those permission my issue got resolved.

When I load up a workspace (for Android Java development), Eclipse says in the status bar that it's updating indexes. This option is on the main "Maven" preference page (not a child page).

My Eclipse is continuing crashing a running a loop that saying re-indexing repository [myusername] I think it is because of github but I have unchecked everything that could be causing the problem in eclipse preferences under Maven and Git Hub.

Can someone please help, my computer keeps heating up and crashing. If that works, you will have to manually refresh either the workspace or the repository (in the Git perspective) after changes to the index or the working tree.

I think, it is the deepest possible cleaning before reinstallation of Eclipse plugins.

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