Updating gsa schedule


We’ll make sure that the process is easy to understand so you can keep your main focus on your business. Let our team provide you with helpful assistance on where to go next.

Today marks the final day of the government fiscal year, as well as the eve of the official debut of GSA’s Professional Services Schedule (PSS) Contract.

Government contracting is an incredibly competitive marketplace and it’s important to leverage as many advantages as you can to supersede other companies bidding on the same contracts.

You are required to have a digital certificate for access into the e Offer/e Mod applications and to sign the final documents electronically.

A formal agreement between the Federal Government and a commercial business that allows the General Services Administration (GSA) to purchase a wide range of products and services at volume discount pricing with convenience and ease.

You’ll often hear GSA Schedules referred to as Multiple Award Schedules (MAS), this is because multiple companies can be awarded the same schedule, and there’s no limit to how many can have it.

Schedules do have an expiration date, but federal agencies have no limit on how much they order during the term of the contract.

Our experienced team is exactly what your business needs to help successfully move through the GSA Schedule process, no matter what point you’re at.

GSA requires an ACES Business Representative Certificate because this certificate ties the individual with the certificate to the company they work for.

However, effective Jan 1, 2013, if you have a DOD ECA certificate you may also use it to access the e Offer/e Mod applications.

Our substantial experience and structured cost estimation approach ensures that projects are delivered within estimated budgets and schedules: in our seven year history, we have never exceeded the proposed cost on any contract.

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