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If you've already used Genius in the past, just select Update Genius from the same menu.Apple's i Tunes 9 includes several new features, and Genius Mixes is one that is grabbing lots of attention.Apple Support Discussions user "Jon August" reports: Other users report similar problems with different songs over the course of the next couple days.

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This step depends on whether or not you've used the Genius feature before.The problem is that many users can't find the option, so it's a good thing that enabling it takes little more than a mouse click or two.Genius Mixes is a set of 12 auto-generated mixes from the songs in your i Tunes library.I never did; my tastes in music are such that I don't need anyone making suggestions about what I should listen to.Under the Store menu in i Tunes 9, select Turn On Genius (see below) to turn on the feature.Several users, for the last few days, have been reporting issues surrounding the Genius feature in i Tunes.

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