Updating firmware on linksys keiko kitagawa dating


Do this by opening a Web browser on any computer or mobile device connected to the Linksys router and typing "" into the address bar.Find out the new IP address and enter that instead. But its been on e Bay refurbished for some time now for ~30$!!

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Can anyone point me to a place to download an updated firmwarefor a Linksys WRT54G version 7? I'm forced to look for an official firmware upgrade since thereis not enough RAM for either openwrt or dd-wrt.Not going to do anything serious with that junk, but at least It won't become a doorstopper. link is to the V7.00.8 firmware--posted vi Cabling-Design's Web, RSS and Social Media Interface talt.internet.wireless and other telecom groups Thanks.For some reason I could read the directory of that ftp serverbut downloading was impossible, however knowing the name of the filewas enough to find it elsewhere. This is an older router so Cisco probably didn’t spend even 1 minute testing this new firmware before pushing it to thousands of users who bought their product :/ .And they had the nerve to REMOVE the previous firmware so you couldnt downgrade to the previous version… It took some time but finally found a stock 1.0.07 firmware binary on a ddwrt forum.If you are unsure about the model number of your router, see the guide on identifying which Linksys router model you have. On the page, select System and then Backup / Flash Firmware.

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