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Therefore, the subtype will be If you assign an array, all the values will be set for that metadata. Metadata cannot be persisted to the database until the entity has been saved, but for convenience, Elgg Entity can cache it internally and save it when saving the entity.

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Äachli,or in English Ash Wednesday custom, is a 500-year-old custom, which takes place on Ash Wednesday with the boys parade as its annual highlight.

The origin lies in the pre-Reformation period, when musters were conducted for Elgg's Militia or mercenaries. However, it is mentioned in the 1628 parish priest Fasi book that the boys parade in Elgg is a very old custom.

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To display an entity, create a view Entity Type/subtype where Entity Type is one of the following: object: for entities derived from Elgg Object user: for entities derived from Elgg User site: for entities derived from Elgg Site group: for entities derived from Elgg Group A default view for all entities has already been created, this is called Entity Type/default.

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