Updating blob fields in mssql

Blob data is a field that holds large amounts of data per record.

This data can be either in a text format or a binary format.

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I hadn’t tried this but I think the Cursor Adapter with an ADO data source also may have been able to pull the data out in VFP 8.

Actually the Update/Insert code above works just fine in VFP 8 (and probably earlier) if you remove the Cursor Set Prop call.

Create Binary creates a binary string and VFP detects the binary string and properly updates the Image field in the database even in 8.0.

WHERE catalog ID = 1"; Prepared Statement pstmt = conn.prepare Statement(sql String); // I get an error with this code: //

SQLException: [Microsoft][SQLServer 2000 Driver for // JDBC][SQLServer]Operand type clash: varbinary is incompatible with ntext Binary Stream(1, fis, file Length); Typically, the creation of a blob is done by inserting an empty blob into the database...

One of the issues in previous versions of VFP has always been talking to SQL Server image\binary data.

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