Updating automatic licence manual


The Road Transport Authority may require a National Police Certificate or police check results report prior to issuing a driver licence with certain conditions, an accreditation as a driving instructor or an authorisation to become a vehicle examiner.

Refer to the Driver licence and accreditation police checks, the Road Transport Authority (RTA) may impose conditions on a driver licence using the following condition codes: A - The licence holder must drive a motor vehicle fitted with automatic transmission. A Tiptronic transmission is an automatic transmission type which allows the driver to manually override the automatic shift.

A little while ago, Dom posted about the cost of going to driving school to change an AT licence to MT (see our "Live" archive page for more driving articles). Luckily, if you are already capable you can just take the test.

Today, guest poster Joe talks us through it: The “Automatic Transmission Only” license (recognizable by the following appearing to the left of your picture: 普通車はAT車に限る), is upgrade-able to manual transmission simply by testing.

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If your name does not appear in full you can have your licence updated free of charge, just bring along some acceptable proof of identity to an Access Canberra location.I have also heard the same that if you appear in automatic you get the DL only for automatic.But i guess that will be the case for people who clear theory and then take test.- but some additional obstacles are present: you will be required to come to a complete stop on an incline, then continue forward without drifting backward, you will be required to demonstrate proper procedure at a set of railroad tracks, navigate around some road construction, and reverse into and safely escape from an extremely narrow parking space. Some things result in automatic fail (rolling backwards on a hill, hitting a curb etc).You will of course be judged upon your ability to comfortably, effectively, and appropriately handle the clutch and transmission. You are allowed to kill the car a certain number of times, but not many.To view the auto-update page of your PRTG installation, select Setup | Auto-Update from main menu.

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