Updating a mb chipset driver

Intel keeps an older version of their chipset drivers available for a long list of discontinued motherboards: Download Intel Chipset Software v9.1.2.1008 (2010-09-29)Support is only available up to Windows 7 for these boards.

Tip: If you're looking for an up-to-date resource on newly released drivers, see my Windows 10 Drivers, Windows 8 Drivers, or Windows 7 Drivers pages.

Now, when we talk about updating motherboard drivers, we are mainly talking about all the device drivers on our computer.

Of all the drivers, chipset drivers and graphics card drivers are the most important ones. You should be able to see a list of chipset drivers listed here.

Driver Robot scans your computer and determines the exact model number of your motherboard before downloading and installing the official drivers, right from the manufacturer.

Driver Robot doesn't need to know your model number, revision number, or other technical specifications about your motherboard.

» ··· 1#driverselect the OS you are running and it should give you link to the proper chipsets..

if you're not sure which Intel Chipset driver version you have installed.

You can rely on Driver Robot to always download the exact official driver you need to make your motherboard work properly.

Motherboard manufacturers are always releasing updates that make their hardware better and more stable.

yes sure they may not have all the new bells n whistles but they are coded and or tweaked specifically to the mainboard. AMD lists an installer package of 49.4mb, ver 13.9 but the Gigabyte site does not list a download.

The image you are showing doesn't represent the size either, it matches the Gigabyte's chipset download of 232.90mb.

Method 2: Download and Update Driver via ASUS To avoid any unwanted incident from updating motherboard drivers, it is highly suggested that you go to the manufacturer website to look for the needed drivers. 1) Search for ASUS support on your searching engine.

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