Truth about dating sweepstakes kim cattrall dating


The Sweepstakes is subject to these Sweepstakes Terms and Conditions and all applicable Central and State Laws and regulations.As stated above, the Sweepstakes is void where prohibited or restricted by law.But the odds were much better to win 89 cents: 1-in-1.Translation: Send in your and we'll send you an 89-cent prize.The pair met on the set of the hit CW show in 2009."I didn’t want to be dating one of my co-stars — my goal on the show was to be professional," she's said. And “Your Budding Womanhood: Staying a Beautiful Flower for Jesus” just isn’t cutting it. It seems that the lady at church and your friends have two very different opinions on the subject. And what if I tend to, um, think about a certain boy in a certain way?

The requested info on your registration card may include things like your passport or driver's license number. Just be sure to grab your reading glasses before your checkbook, and carefully examine the fine print. If the fine print is missing any of the following info, assume a scam: Start and end dates; judging date; methods of entry including judging criteria; type of proof of purchase required; description of prizes and approximate retail values; legal disclaimers; sponsor's name and address. Legit contests will request only your name, address or possibly phone number. Check the reputation and any complaints filed against the contest organizer with the Better Business Bureau and/or your state attorney general or state consumer protection office. Avoid any numbers with a 900 area code, which generate high per-minute charges.

Any attempt by an entrant or any third party to circumvent, tamper, disrupt or damage the sweepstakes entry process, Promoter’s website or telephone systems, defraud or gain an unfair advantage, engage in disruptive, annoying, harassing or threatening conduct, or otherwise undermine the fairness, integrity and legitimate operation of the sweepstakes, will result in automatic disqualification from the sweepstakes and may constitute a violation of criminal and civil laws.

Promoter reserves all rights, including the right to seek remedies and damages (including attorneys’ fees), to the fullest extent of the law, including the possibility of criminal prosecution.

can exclusively reveal that the main reason for their breakup is that Ian wanted to get married and she just wasn't ready."He was starting to talk marriage and she is just getting started on her career," a source close to the actress tells .

Their 10-year age difference played a major role — at 34, it's natural for Ian to want to settle down."She loves him, and they still talk every day, but she is just not ready to make that huge commitment yet," the insider reveals, adding, "Maybe in 10 years." split after dating for three years.

Such was the case with one recent mass-mailed letter that promised, in large type, 8,899 in prize money. All it took to stake your claim was a entry fee.

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