Tree ring cross dating software


The program written in FORTRAN calculates the t value for correlation at every point of overlap of the two chronologies.

Tellervo is an open source desktop application for measuring and curating dendro samples.In this paper, I describe the use of COFECHA through all necessary steps, and discuss the meaning of the initial questions posed at program start-up, the various options available in the main menu, the various sections of the output from COFECHA, and interpretation of the diagnostics of crossdating and measurement accuracy.I present a new software that links a program for image analysis (Sigma Scan), one for spreadsheets (Excel) and one for statistical analysis (R) for applications of tree-ring analysis.Written in Visual Basic for Applications, the code makes use of the advantages of existing programs and is consequently very economic and relatively simple to adjust to the requirements of specific projects or to expand making use of already available code.If you are viewing this text, your browser lacks the ability to read frames. All the pages can be viewed from the contents page. As the chronologies must be free from errors, the program is more suited to the study of oaks than coniferous trees.

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