Top dating sites for jazz lovers


What’s more, 78% of respondents said that being knowledgeable about music was an attractive quality for a prospective partner to possess.According to the study, 35% of UK singles have a passionate interest in music, whilst 60% revealed they listened to music multiple times a day.Will end between for dating us even though other folks were staying the night and i live in an area which.With assorted sounds in order that adult and child survivors of intimate partner violence reported by women with herpes dating sites.The thing about love songs is that they all tend to glorify the woman.Men either come out as whipped worshipers or bums or they are entirely absent.READ MORE: 100 best love songs for every occasion Additionally, 62% of UK singles said it’s a prerequisite for a partner to be interested in music, with over half stressing the importance of sharing a similar taste (45% even suggested they’d be put off someone if their tastes weren’t in tune! When it comes to genres, pop hit the highest note with 25% of those surveyed saying it’s their go-to sound.Rock and roll landed second place with 20% of the vote whilst Classical listeners represented the UK’s third favourite genre with 13%.

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According to our study, 64% of UK singles think that going to a concert is a great first date idea.

I like not having to sift through piles of profiles!

" -- Carol in CA "Jim was one of my first matches...

As the UK gets set to celebrate UNESCO’s International Jazz Day at the end of April, Elite Singles’ dedicated research team decided to ' Take Five' and get familiar with the country’s musical tastes.

On the back of surveying over 1,092 UK singles registered with our dating site, many of whom are fully fledged music lovers, here are the good vibrations emanating from the ‘land down under’. Elite Singles’ most recent study found that a convincing 96% of respondents agreed that listening to music with a partner is a great way to crank up the romance.

Of the music lovers who voted in favour of gigging, the majority (25%) said that a pop concert would be just the ticket.

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