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She has said: "What is true is that John and I live here with our children and Sandro is sometimes here with us, and we travel the world together.

We are all a family." Swinton and Byrne fell in love in 1989 while making the BBC series Your Cheatin' Heart, in which she had a lead part. After their twins, Honor and Xavier, were born in 1997 the family moved back north but, by 2005, the relationship had ended. Swinton met Kopp when he was working as an extra in The Chronicles of Narnia, in which she played the White Witch. You wouldn't say it was wonderful, you wouldn't be human.

Welcome to an intriguing ménage a trois There is something captivating and other-worldly about Tilda Swinton; her powder-white skin, as luminescent as a teenager's, her heavily lidded deep green eyes and that shock of incredible red hair.

Even if she were not dressed in an avant-garde gold Dior gown and carrying a Bafta statuette, as she was on Sunday night, there would be a reason to stare.

She shrugs off questions about her quirky and very individual looks. Vive la difference.’She wasn’t always so sanguine, however, about her appearance. So he’s always felt like a cousin even though I’d never met him.

‘I’m not sure I know what people mean when they say I look different,’ she says. It was her lookalike David Bowie, for whom she appeared in a video last year for his album The Next Day, who enabled her as a teenager to overcome her insecurities about looking different. It gave me great comfort at the time that not only did someone else look like this, but felt proud enough to stick themselves on the front of an album with a lightning zig-zag across their face . Of course, the camera adores Tilda’s unusual appearance.

This week, a handsome German-born artist named Sandro Kopp - 29 to her 47 - was playing the role of consort.on Friday (May 19) at Palais des Festivals in Cannes, France.The 36-year-old actor and the two leading ladies were joined at the big event by their co-stars Paul Dano, Steven Yeun, Ahn Seo-Hyun, Devon Bostick, Byung Heebong, and director Bong Joon-Ho.Her family moved there permanently when she was 13.Tilda’s life took her away from Scotland again in her early 20s after she moved to London to pursue her acting career, but the moment she gave birth she knew she had to raise her children north of the border. If I look good, it’s to do with good genes, living in the Highlands of Scotland, not wearing make-up when I don’t have to, and just the luck of the draw.‘And when I cook it’s with vegetables I grow and eggs from my hens. I could cook you a fine Thai curry but really I prefer nursery food – shepherd’s pie and milk puddings and soups.’With an Oscar for her role as a ruthless lawyer opposite George Clooney in the movie Michael Clayton, Tilda is following a great tradition of fine British actresses – from Vanessa Redgrave to Dame Helen Mirren and Dame Maggie Smith – to have won acclaim on stage and screen.The former lover of actress Tilda Swinton has revealed that he was born after an incestuous relationship between his mother and his grandfather.

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