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In this poem the living leave no legacy, unless it is self-delusion.

I have been thinking about this question of legacy over the past few months, for one reason because my new novel deals with memory, historical record, what remains, what is saved and what is lost.

On the not-so-great side, the band’s gear was stolen around two months ago.

But following a viral uproar about that, a fan-led crowdfunding campaign means the band are now back in action. Uncategorisable beyond simply describing themselves as ‘mood’ music, the band describe themselves as encompassing pretty much everything from neo-soul to funk-fusion pop.

The recent Seeds In Sand EP, out now via Metropolis Recordings, is brim full of these sorts of genre-bending adhesives that make Elder Island particularly recommended to keep an eye on.

It was a wonderful occasion and we are very grateful to everyone who helped host the event.

Since 1982, WOMAD Festivals have travelled all over the world, bringing artists to numerous locations and entertaining over one million people.

The main UK event was held at Rivermead in Reading, Berkshire from 1990 until 2006..

We like short form, long form, oneprov, scratch nights, stand up, long walks on the beach, workshops, equality, cake and the inevitable comedy revolution.You can now see photos from the day on the Strawberry Tea page and we have updated posts to include the radio clip and press spots that the event attained. Avoiding this question can be as much of an art as answering it.Desert Bini’s Mocha Chocolate Cake infused with Star Anise, served with ice cream.We are Bristol Improv, the University of Bristol's Improv Society.A welcome drink, canapés and a southern Indian inspired dishes from Sambal dhal, a vegetable thoran coconut and curry based curries and chutney to suit.

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