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Say what you will about the value of anonymous reviews; Old Lulu was a platform based more on information than action.

We believe it to be circa 1939 or so but are not positive. The clock is stamped/imprinted on the back with Kienzle Clock Factories, Schwenningen, Germany and has 4 digits stamped, 6118.

Thanks again for building this system in which people can find their soul mates.

My best regards to all, Dario.""This a serious site for those intent on finding brains, beauty and heart in one one package.

The answer: apparently not much, because Lulu as we knew it is dead.

A few days ago, the company quietly replaced its original app with a new version that cut out all of those juicy reviews in favor of a more generic -- and The updated software is live in both Apple's App Store and the Google Play Store, but its existing website still refers to the old, review-heavy version.

It was preceded by the various models of the F and F2, and followed by the F4, F5, and F6.

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