The impact of emotionality and self disclosure on online dating


The Impact of Emotionality and Self-disclosure on Online Dating Versus Traditional Dating.This is a study of online dating, it discusses the business aspect of online dating as well as the differences in courting among online daters and traditional daters.

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• Rejection sensitivity, conscientiousness, and gender predictive of above behaviors.

He also discusses what people lie about in their profiles, as well as their reasons for lying.

In addition, he discusses where the future of online dating is heading and how websites such as Face Book and Myspace are branching as forms of online dating websites.

Further research is needed to further explore the relationships between these dispositional factors and online dating behaviors.

This document contains a creative work – the text of a young adult novel, The girl and the sea – and an exegesis examining the My Space Generation through the methodological prisms of online ethnography and literature review.

Yet, research design of online ethnographies varies considerably depending on the researcher, field of study, and problem of...

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