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He was a freshman back then and in most of his games, he proved himself to be a central part of the Florida State University’s Football team’s impressive campaign.

He was the core of the team’s defense and averaged 8 tackles per game.

READ MORE Antonio Cromartie might currently be jobless but he just gave the world 1.1 million reasons not to pass the hat around for him just yet ...

“In the up and coming CROMARTIE DRAFT of 2017, with the 6th Over All Pick.

I just really thought that his procedure was the best protection you could have at this point.” Terricka told the magazine that Antonio too was shocked. It has been a bumpy road for the couple because the NY Post reported when Terricka was 7-months pregnant with their second child, she sent Antonio fake suicide texts leading him to call 911 emergency paramedics who arrived to find Terricka fine in bed with her daughters.

She later confessed to officers that she did it to get attention of Antonio who she suspected was cheating at the time and submitted to an involuntary psych eval.

NFL player Antonio Cromartie has got to be the most fertile man on the earth because even after reportedly undergoing a vasectomy, he managed to impregnate his wife with twins who will become his 11th and 12th child….again. Back in April 2012, Cromartie’s wife Terricka Cromartie (nee Cason) tweeted that she and Antonio were expecting twins that November 2012.

“Without the lies i’ll tell u anything u want to kno just ask me.. Oh yea we are expecting twins in Nov,” Terricka wrote in a tweet announcing the twins’ due date. We reported it and so did other outlets like who linked to the Instagram image of a sonogram of the twins that Terricka posted. She accepted congratulations about the twins and even tweeted “Twins run in my family.” (tweets since been deleted) She never delivered twins in 2012.

That’s got to be a medical miracle…or someone botched his procedure (or someone maybe isn’t being honest).He was already a father of two of his kids while still in college and also had another woman pregnant.The mischievous back liner did keep himself out of the limelight when he was arrested and charged with drugs found in his car.It seems like the American football star Antonio Cromartie, who at age of 31 is already a father of ten children, has yet again got his wife pregnant, even after his vasectomy. According to Daily Mail, his wife did not even tell Antonio because she did not think it was possible.The New York Jets football star, who has already had 10 children with several partners, said that he was shocked to hear that his wife was pregnant with twins, even after his vasectomy. But the doctor’s test result proved her pregnancy and the presence of the yet-to-be-born twins too.And they have cameras following them around to capture it all for their brand new reality show.

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