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Born in 1980 in Calgary, Canada, they started playing music since they were 15 and released their first independently-released album "Under Feet Like Ours" when they were 19.

They quickly caught the attention of Neil Young's manager who later signed them to his L. The sister duo have since released an album every two or three years with the first one being "The Business of Art" in 2000.

The sisters split songwriting duties about evenly, so it’s surprising how cohesive the record is, especially considering the two were in diametrically opposite situations while writing these songs.

Sara had just bought a house with her longtime partner, while Tegan was coming off of a five-year relationship.

Tegan, Lindsey, and some other guy all have this tattoo….. I swear, next time there’s a Tegan and Sara Chat this should be everyone’s question.

I don’t understand why the world can’t relate to a song written by a queer woman.They’re too enigmatic and forthcoming to hate outright, but the sisters are as much the album’s villains as they are its protagonists.It’s the silent partners on the receiving ends of their tantrums who elicit the most sympathy.They gained a lot of attention in their home country before invading Stateside and making their global breakthrough as they came out fresh with their third major-label effort "So Jealous". Sara: Shirt by Tony Ward available at Church Boutique LA. Tegan: Shirt by Tony Ward available at Church Boutique LA. Often pegged to their labels — lesbians, identical twins, Canadian — the duo have spent nearly 20 years eclipsing what’s on the surface by focusing on their sound and message, gradually progressing from bedroom four-trackers to moody indie blowouts to their most ambitious incarnation yet: candy-striped, ’80s-indebted, queer-leaning New Wave that, instead of fetishizing sexuality, normalizes it.I’m writing about the same shit everyone is writing about.

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