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In fact, Internet addiction was seriously considered for inclusion in the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V).

Though teen Internet addiction did not make it into DSM-V, the substance-related disorders work group (which evaluated proposed changes to the DSM) recommended that Internet addiction be included in the appendix of DSM-V, and called for further research on the topic.

Bullying statistics show that cyber bullying is a serious problem among teens.

By being more aware of cyber bullying, teens and adults can help to fight it.

Also, once things are circulated on the Internet, they may never disappear, resurfacing at later times to renew the pain of cyber bullying.

Many cyber bullies think that bullying others online is funny.

Cyber bullying statistics refers to Internet bullying.

Cyber bullying is a form of teen violence that can do lasting harm to young people.

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It can lead to anxiety, depression, and even suicide.

Teen Internet Addiction Overview It’s no secret that many teens are big fans of video games and the Internet.

But for some young people, what started as an interest in technology, a means of entertainment, or a way to keep in touch with friends may morph into a serious behavior disorder.

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Teen Internet addiction is much more than just a strong desire to be online.

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