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Mobama was therefore unimpressed by the possibility of taking something as large as War and Peace, and settled for one of Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan series.

fans, you’ve been tracking every move made by Amy Sherman-Palladino, Alexis Bledel, and Lauren Graham. #finn #netflix #gilmoregirlsrevival A photo posted by Tanc Sade (@tancsade) on The super cryptic (what else would you expect from a secret society member?

revival — courtesy of Tanc Sade, who plays Life and Death Brigade staple Finn — Alexis Bledel and Matt Czuchry reunite, which has us wondering if love might be in the air for Rory and Logan once again.

If you didn't hate Mitchum before you even met him, you need to re-watch Gilmore Girls.

The photo comes courtesy of actor Tanc Sade, who played Logan's Aussie collage pal Finn in the original series, and who it seems is returning for a pretty substantial role in the revival, if his continued presence on the Stars Hollow set is any indication. With the return of Logan and several of his Life and Death Brigade pals (Sade's Finn among them), it certainly seems that the scales are tipped in Mr. Guess we'll just have to wait and see (and keep a close eye on Sade's Instagram account in the meantime).

(Sade previously shared a snap of himself alongside Bledel and Kelly Bishop way back in March.) In this new image, Sade poses with Bledel and Czuchry, and fans the flames with some speculation over what Rory and Logan's reunion could possibly mean for the former (and potentially current? The "Gilmore Girls" revival hits Netflix sometime later this year.

Even when Rory screamed at him to stop in the midst of a breakdown after being hit by a deer, he didn't drop the nickname.

In a rare moment at a Chilton party, Tristan showed Rory a softer side.

Everyone had another coronary a couple of days later when the official Facebook page posted an awesome video in which Rory gave "holiday" reading advice to the First Lady.[Html##<div class="fb-video" data-href="https:// Girls/videos/1345132165500106/" data-width="560" data-show-text="false"><blockquote cite="https:// Girls/videos/1345132165500106/" class="fb-xfbml-parse-ignore"><a href="https:// Girls/videos/1345132165500106/"></a><p> Just a couple of girls talking about books...</p> Posted by <a href="https:// Girls/"> Gilmore Girls</a> on Friday, June 24, 2016</blockquote></div>##Keep Inline##Id¬bfvzq]Except it turns out that the holiday is actually time spent travelling to Liberia, Morocco and Spain as part of her Let Girls Learn initiative.And he not-so-discreetly complained to Jackson about Lorelai's height from two feet away on the porch.But revenge came to him every day in the form of having to tell people his name was Ruin...errr, I mean, Rune. Lot, deep in the heart of Burbank, California, Stars Hollow is HAPPENING and Logan Huntzberger is THERE.A few new pictures have popped up online of Matt Czuchry, the third champion of Rory Gilmore’s heart, around the set, and if you thought we were going to stop freaking out about anytime soon, you were wrong." They clearly haven't seen each other for a while, with Lorelai commenting, "Missed ya kid", and Rory saying she can't stay long because she's got to fly to London for work.

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