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"It's a little warm in here" she murmured as she took of the tight band holding her hair up in a tight bun.Her armpits were damp and she unbuttoned just the collar button of her librarian's blouse, letting in some sorely needed air. "We have sex every night" she thought to herself about her husband and her's sex life. She needed someone to take control of her spirit and guide it, channel it, use it, as she had so much to give, she thought to herself (unconsciously, no doubt).Johnson followed the pert pretty hair in a bun up the stairs to the fourth floor alcove where the precious historical documents and blueprints were kept behind lock and key. Jackson removed the docs from the glass case, she noticed Johnson was closing the door and locking it.He turned to her smiling, and said "I just want to make sure I understand how to retrieve the documents I'm interested in" he said, re-assuringly. Jackson felt her quim shiver, as she felt the power of this handsome bearded stranger radiating off of him and onto her.Priscilla Shirer, a Bible teacher and bestselling author who hosts "The Chat" Web show, recently led a no-holds-barred discussion with five Christian men to get an inside perspective on what women need to know about the opposite sex when it comes to their ego, intimacy, and taking on certain roles in the relationship."The Chat with Priscilla" is broadcast monthly at features Shirer hosting discussions with a variety of guests on issues related to relationships, faith and well-being. In a recent two-part episode of "The Chat," Shirer hosted comedian Michael Jr., her brother and recording artist Anthony Evans, worship leader Carlos Whittaker, her husband Jerry Shirer and recording artist Michael Boggs in a discussion about "What Men Wished Women Knew." One question posed early on in the discussion by Shirer was directed to Evans, her unmarried brother: "What is most distasteful to you about a single woman?Before Sir left for work this morning, he left his Pet a very detailed note stating how she was to look when he returned home; makeup applied lightly, hair straightened and down around her shoulders, no clothes except her collar and leash.The note also stated that the apartment was to be cleaned from top to bottom, spotless.

She was wearing nothing but her plain pink collar with the 2 foot white leash attached, dangling between her soft, perky size 36 B breasts.

Sir had teased her non-stop last night,and after he came into her mouth, he rolled over next to her in bed and said she did not have permission to come.

So it had been about 48 hours since she had last been relieved.

It was a clean well-lighted place that she craved where she could lose her (just married at 26 years old) head in a good read.

Today she had desk duty and when the handsome older man (he looked ancient-almost 38 years old, she thought) asked for some help, she was only to happy to oblige.

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