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The Shiant Isles, an archipelago off mainland Scotland, are home to one of the UK's largest colonies of puffins but the colony is being decimated by the island’s other dominant inhabitant - theblack rat. The Fairfield working men's club with its faded 1960s kitsch ambiance is a place where seniors' physical fragility, awareness of time and mortality are present, although overshadowed by a desire to embrace life in an intense and unsentimental way.

Elizabeth Partyka, deputy director of channels, said: “These programmes offer two very different insights into life in Scotland and we think viewers will find the subjects engaging and entertaining. We follow Sandra, Margaret, John, Hugh and Willie, all regulars of the club, offering an insight into their individual stories as they go about their lives, preparing for a date, a dance or something more.

Published: Sat MORAY councillors are insisting that the Scottish Government commits to entirely funding a doubling of childcare hours in the area, or else run the risk of the policy not being fully implemented.

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A spokesman said: "STV froze us out of their general election debate in 2015 but doing so two years later after so much has changed in Scottish politics is simply bizarre.

is an innovative initiative and we are pleased to be able to offer these upcoming filmmakers the exciting opportunity to broadcast at peak time on STV and on our city channels, STV Glasgow and STV Edinburgh.” Noe Mendelle, director of Scottish Documentary Institute, said: “Once again we are delighted to share with STV audiences the creative eye and humanistic approach to two of our latest Scottish directorial talent: Paul Fegan & Ian Mitchell. The film challenges our prejudice, exploring the realities of relationship problems more often associated with twenty something - cheating partners, commitment issues and life as a singleton looking for love. Even if it is overrun by black rats and battered by some of the worst weather in Scotland?

provides an invaluable opportunity for upcoming documentary makers to have their voices heard and gives them a platform to use their skills to shine a light on important issues of the time. This is the reality for Tom Nicolson, owner of the Shiant Isles.

He has also had the pleasure of working with Absolutely, North Inch Productions, Wark Clements and The Comedy Unit.

2015 : Stand Up from Machnylleth Comedy Festival – BBC Radio Wales Stand Up set Produced by BBC Radio Wales 2015 : The Journey to Machnylleth – BBC Radio 4 Extra Audio Diary monologue Produced by BBC Radio 4 Extra and David Kay 2014 : Scotland in a Day – Channel 4 Actor – The Tin Man Produced by The Comedy Unit 2014 : The Alternative Comedy Experience Series 2 – Comedy Central Produced by Colin Dench for Comedy Central 2013 : The Alternative Comedy Experience Series 1 – Comedy Central Produced by Colin Dench for Comedy Central 2012 : Dan Mc Duff Is On the Case – BBC Radio Scotland Actor and Writer Produced by North Inch Productions 2012 : The Guessing Game – BBC Radio Scotland Voice Over Artist for 6 x 30 minute series Produced by Margaret Anne Docherty : BBC Radio Scotland 2012 : Modrin Mc Donald : 21st Century Wizard – BBC Radio 4 Series 3 – Co-writer and leading role as Modrin in 4 x 14 minute scripts for BBC Radio 4 Produced by The Comedy Unit 2012 : Gary Tank Commander Series 3 – BBC Scotland Actor – Shop Assistant Produced by The Comedy Unit 2011 : Can you Hear me at the Back?

The third and final episode in the series covers online scams, including dating website scams and online shopping scams, plus doorstep crime will be explored.

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