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I've done happy sometimes just to build up my fan base but soon I will keep my rates at their default .99 nude and .99 private then I adjust the other rates accordingly.I take whatever show I get and try to encourage tips from the site. His wife, Mary, his best friend, Phil, Phil's annoying new girlfriend and Canada's hottest new female novelist, Rebecca -- everyone but Hank, it seems -- has either become what they set out to be or are well on their way to getting there.Hank isn't old, but he's not young anymore, either; is bright, but by no means brilliant; is undeniably restless, but not by any stretch ambitious.In computer graphics, z-buffering is the management of image depth coordinates in three-dimensional (3-D) graphics, usually done in hardware, sometimes in software.It is one solution to the visibility problem, which is the problem of deciding which elements of a rendered scene are visible, and which are hidden.

Yeah, they stupidly removed the other Happy Hour slot which I was really ticked about because I used to make a lot during Happy Hour!

(found that out when I couldnt get my scanner to work 2 days ago) ) it's the same site.

BTW if anyone reading this doesnt have a scanner and has problems signing up for cam sites due to this, try this site the registration can be done with a digital camera or quality webcam.

I pretty much use everything the site has to offer where I make money. The nude show photos are screen caps they take of you during nude chat and I believe maybe during private also, I'm not sure...?

so I know it will maximize my earnings and online presence. If you are in nude chat you must be at least topless.

You can see exactly how much $ each guy has though which is nice. Traffic is ok in free chat and so-so in non-free chat depending on time of day etc well, i used to work on that site, long time a go, had about 50 fan clubbers, but i got really bored of low traffic and annoying freeloaders with no credit card bleh!

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