Standard deviation radiocarbon dating

1/ Human emissions are irrelevant — global CO2 is controlled by ocean currents, phytoplankton, other stuff. a bank of sophisticated machines sniffs that air day and night, revealing telltale indicators of the way human activity is altering the planet on a major scale.

Efforts to control global CO2 through windmills and electric cars are a complete waste of money. 3/ Pretend not to notice, instead, rejoice that Global GDP is which means that for the first time in 100,000 years, humans have disconnected economic development from burning carbon based stuff. For more than two years, the monitoring station here, along with its counterparts across the world, has been flashing a warning: The excess carbon dioxide scorching the planet rose at the highest rate on record in 20.

Heliocentric theory states that the Earth rotates at 1675km/h at the equator, 1049km/h in London, and 231km/h in Alert, northern Canada.

This rotation would cause winds of almost equal speeds on the Earth’s surface… The fastest wind speed known to man is a F5 Incredible tornado with wind speeds of 420-511 km/h.

La calotte glacée de l'Océan Arctique a probablement atteint son extension estivale minimale en battant un nouveau record du minimum le 16 Sept, ainsi que l'a rapporté le NSIDC (National Snow and Ice Data Center) de l'Université du Colorado à Boulder.

L'analyse des données satellites par la NASA et le NSIDC (supporté par la NASA) a montré que l'extension de la mer de glace a rétréci jusqu'à 1,32 millions de miles carrés (3,41 millions de kilomètres carrés), soit 293.000 miles carrés de moins que l'extension minimale record des données satellitaires, établi à la mi-Septembre 2007[...] Cette année, le cyclone s'est formé au large des côtes de l'Alaska et s'est déplacé le 5 Août vers le centre de l'océan arctique où il a malaxé la couverture amincie de glace pendant plusieurs jours.

A denser solid object does not carry a less dense gas along with it when it moves.

La tempête a probablement contribué à la diminution de la calotte glaciaire jusqu'à son extension la plus faible des trois dernières décennies.

Three others are 99.99% certain bordering on the ridiculous. The density of the Earth has been calculated at 5,515 kg/m3 (whether accurate or not is unknown).

You would literally have to make stuff up to try and counter them (and they have! The density of air is 1.204 kg/m3 at room temperature, 4580 times less dense than the Earth.

Scientists have spent decades measuring what was happening to all of the carbon dioxide that was produced when people burned coal, oil and natural gas.

They established that less than half of the gas was remaining in the atmosphere and warming the planet.

There are four pieces of solid evidence that heliocentric theory is wrong (that I know of).

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