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New York, NY – March 23, 2011—Marvel is proud to announce Spider-Island, the comic book event of the summer from the best-selling creative team of Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos.

Kicking off this August in Amazing Spider-Man #667 (with a special prelude in #666) the citizens of Manhattan—including some of Spidey’s closest allies and deadliest foes—begin exhibiting the web-slinger’s very own powers!

As the villains begin to amass a mysterious power source with the help of The Vulture, this new Spider-Man sets off to foil their plans, against the urging of his mentor, Iron Man.

With the help of the Summoner, Parker fights to prove his worth to the Avengers and make the Battlerealm safer for everyone.

These were compiled in a comic book reprint called Amazing Spider-Man: Infested, which was released on August 31.“Spider-Man Homecoming” swings into theaters next Friday, July 7, but we’re starting the party this week with a slew of new updates to your favorite Marvel Games!You’ll see a ton of fresh Spidey content over the course of this week and next as we celebrate the film’s release.He puts in some time at Horizon Labs; finally, he visits Shang-Chi, his martial arts mentor who is teaching him "The Way of the Spider", as seen in the Free Comic Book Day edition of The Amazing Spider-Man.Madame Web warns Spider-Man of the events that are to come, but Spider-Man dismisses the warnings as nonsense.The main plot involves the inhabitants of Manhattan Island mysteriously gaining powers similar to Spider-Man.

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