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In other words — we went speed-dating so you didn’t have to. I admit, I was trying to play it cool, but I had never done this before, so I had that nervous grin on my face walking in. People are pretty normal as it happens and they’re there for the same reason as you, don’t forget that.

Once in the room with a load of people you don’t know, the things that run through your head are – what will they be like? You are going to be nervous, of course you are, you’re spending the evening with complete strangers in a, albeit, friendly, but judgement filled room.

One guy, one girl, a big bag of nerves between us so we could see what it was all about. You have walked through the door and everyone is looking shifty, but, give yourself brownie points, the difficult bit is over. But, once you are there, honestly, you realise that actually most people are pretty normal and it’s not as bad as you thought.Obviously, this article is aimed at those of you that are single, and while you often feel that you are alone in this game, turns out you’re not.Let’s be honest, single people on Valentine’s Day are generally split into the cynical avoiders who just go through the day with the shenanigans of St Patrick’s Day to look forward and then there’s the hopeful romantics who get caught up in all the love talk and say, ‘this is going to be my year’. You managed to avoid all the love bugs, cards, flowers and your annoying friends talking about the ‘romantic’ evening they had planned.But perhaps all this ‘lurrve’ talk has got you thinking, maybe you should put yourself out there more, bite the bullet and try and find ‘your other half’ (okay, we all admit that is just a terrible term).Is everyone going online, or are more traditional forums the best option?

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