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but im not flickering through 800 channels just to get the information to load Because this don't load, it make the EPG completely useless What am i doing wrong? the TV is not connected to the internet (yet) but has latest firmware update i think.

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Notice that the samsung epg tends to update on the fly each page you look at. I find myself just walking over to the laptop to check out The tv guide.

ATI later partnered with Titan TV to provide its digital ATSC cards.

I've noticed it's a little slow on my 40" and 22" lcd's.

Hi I'm having some problems with my new LG TV, it isn't picking up half the channels it should be.

I've had a brand new aerial recently installed and that seems to be working fine - I have a second TV in my house and that is picking up channels ok, so can't see any problems there.

Only issues that can be confirmed by multiple people will be posted here.

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