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However, the startup continues to be scary and I'm pretty sure the problem is related to the goosed optical drive (OD) (one of two). Sometimes OD 1 disappears and can be resuscitated by "Scan for hardware changes" in Device Manager. I think the answer might be to disconnect OD 2 but right now with a major project in hand I don't want to risk creating further problems. After the major project see how the computer boots with CDs/DVDs in the trays. I was about to reply and say that loading a disk into OD 2 wasn't an option. this afternoon after I hit the shutdown button a message appeared.Occasionally, the light on the drawer for OD 2 blinks, stays on (and continues to stay), the light on OD2 blinks and goes out and startup proceeds quickly. But I think you are correct in trying to disconnect OD2. Although the light sometimes blinks - and stays on - during startup, the drawer couldn't be opened, not even using the paperclip trick. Something like 'Please wait while Sonic DLA updates your media'. However, due to the neurosis that's now set in, I've done probably the wrong thing and researched freezes causing by Sonic configs/updates.DLA was originally developed by VERITAS Software and later sold to Sonic Solutions in 2002.It was common as it was shipped with a majority of CD and DVD recording drives, where DLA came as a custom OEM version for the branded drive.

If you don't have a dual layer burner, just stick with 7.0. I upgraded to 4.90 and the performance doesn't seem to be as good as with 4.60. I also have one COMPLAINT: I would be glad to buy Sonic Record Now Deluxe v7.2, BUT in a few days/weeks, Sonic will probably release v7.3, and I will not be able to update to that version (at least not for free)!

So the solution, I guess, is to not install that one either!

We can't be ignoring all future recommended updates from Microsoft as these do actually address other compatibility issues with Vista.

I have tried various suggestions ie un-install hot fix KB929427 but does not solve it. Thanks in advance Every time I log onto Windows Vista I receive an error message about a driver called Sonic Solutions DLA, I cannot get rid of it. There's a fix from Dell for Dell systems and suggestions to remove Drag to Disc from me and others as well as a sticky post on the subject but it would require one to do just a bit of work first. Custom Built ASUS P8Z77 V-Deluxe, Core i7 3770k, 16 GB Memory-ASUS ENGTX560 DCII TOP/2DI/1GD5 Ge Force GTX 560, H80i Cooler, 750W Power Supply, COOLER MASTER HAF XM RC-922XM-KKN1 case, Corsair Force Series GS CSSD-F240GBGS-BK 2.5" 240GB SATA III SSD, Infini TV4 & HDHomerun Tuners- running Windows 8 (and other goodies) #2-P877WS- Core i7 3770k, 16GB Memory-Ge Force GTX 650Ti, SATA III SSD, H100i cooler, 750W PS, I went to Best Buy and even their geeks couldn't stop the error message.

I have tried various suggestions ie un-install hot fix KB929427 but does not solve it. I uninstalled the Drag to Disk and it totally cured it.

The message is gone but Easy Media works just fine without the Drag to Disk. Your support article, 000131CR, explains that 'due to a clerical error' we need to uninstall a Windows update, KB929427, to get rid of the annoying Driver Blocked message in Windows Vista.

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