Songs about dating a country boy

Although Chris Le Doux recorded this song first, most people remember George Strait's version, which begins with a beautiful intro played by fiddle great Buddy Spicher.

Henry Deutschendorf eventually became "John Denver," as he wrote a variety of songs that exhibited the find art of songwriting.While he wears a cowboy hat much like other artists, his chiseled physique is in a league of its own. The American Cowboy is known all over the world as a symbol of America.In just sixty-minutes, it provides enough information to be considered a documentary predicated on facts rather than on emotions and specifics.We are taken through the early life of Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr., who was born in New Mexico and spent his young life traveling from state-to-state with his parents.Denver wrote what he saw in the world, expertly detailing mountain ranges, vast landscapes, and the beauties of the natural world in songs like "Calypso" and the beloved "Rocky Mountain High," both of which amongst others topping the charts.

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