Social dating restrictions in afghanistan


This system of registration dates back to 2003 when the Iranian Bureau of Alien and Foreign Immigrants’ Affair (a Bureau within the Interior Ministry) re-registered Afghan nationals who had migrated to Iran in 80s and 90s.Since this initial registration, the newer waves of Afghan migrant workers have been registered more than ten times but each card is only valid up to a year.I desperately wanted to travel there, develop my language skills, and work in an area related to my degrees—so I convinced him to let me come and assist him.My experience there was a study in extremes (fitting for me, as I’ve always been an extreme person).If they want to visit their families, they can only do so by paying smugglers who transport them across to Afghanistan and then back to Iran – this is the typical story of Afghan migrant workers in Iran.The population of Afghan refugees in Iran is estimated around three million with only 500,000 registered refugees – many of whom have to renew their status and pay the re-registration fees annually.These are the city’s wedding palaces, and they’re a booming business.

Afghanistan is undoubtedly a man’s world, but that doesn’t mean that all female travelers should stay away! Why I wanted to travel there is another story entirely. People say it’s to protect women from the attention of men (don’t get me started on this one), but it’s probably also so women in burqas can flip up their veils and chow down.

Under the Taliban, music was banned, and women were locked up at home.

Some owners moved their wedding halls across the border, to Pakistan.

Job hunting from my parents’ house in rural New England, I missed being abroad and craved an adventure.

A family friend who is a government-relations consultant had recently launched a small strategic consulting firm in Kabul.

And the festivities become a platform for families to demonstrate affluence and solidify their social standings.

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