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Picture it this way; when the makers of Royco Soup want to launch a new flavour of soup, they will have young girls standing in OK or TM asking customers to try the new flavour out for free.Chamunorwa or Ntombizodwa walk into the store and because the soup is being offered for free they will probably taste samples of the soup.

HIV/AIDS rates are so high in Zambia because adults, particularly men, not only have multiple partners, but concurrent partners making it a rampant breeding ground for the infectious disease to spread.By taking a human-centered approach, and spending weeks immersed in the lives and aspirations of Zambian teens, designed a multi-touch point approach to getting girls the contraception they need.Despite being one of the leading providers of contraception and family planning services in the country, Marie Stopes Zambia saw almost no teenage patients in their traditional clinics when they began to work with in 2014.If Chamu or Zodwa liked the flavour when they first tried it and later see it being sold what do you think will happen?As for the wild celebrations, we wonder and frankly are a bit concerned about what will happen in Zambia when Chipolopolo wins the African Cup of Nations.Since then, we’ve worked with MSZ to launch three Diva Centres around Lusaka, which are serving more than 5,000 girls—a staggering 82% of whom have adopted some form of birth control, most for the first time.

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