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Meet new people, chat, or just watch, it's up to you. When I try to enter a room there is a connection error.

Email [email protected] problems, suggestions or compliments. Unfortunately, I am unable to enjoy conversation with my friends across the globe with this app.

i Chatr makes use of i Phone 4’s front facing camera.

Monkey is a place to have fun chats with new people from all over the world!

Normally I have computer access, but I am traveling.

When I finally do I'm booted immediately out of every room.

I've been looking for another meet-up app that's more dedicated to establishing friend groups.

This was perfect, and the video chat option is a really cool touch that I haven't been able to experience in other apps like Tinder.

It's basically getting you ready to Talky from space, so you're welcome, astronaut noob.

Truly simple video chat and screensharing for groups and teams. Lock a room easily to secure your conversation, with the handy “Lock” feature.

Simply enter a room name and click the “Join Room” button to create a meeting room to share with your friends, family, or coworkers. Simply create a room and share the url via text, email, private message, or medium of your choice.

Meet people in trees that match your interests and add people you like to your friends list.• Accept a call from someone interesting to you• Tap time if you want to keep the call going• If they tap time too the call goes on Have ideas for Monkey? I think monkey is probably one of the best apps I have used , it's really cool because you can meet new people and talk to new people and make friends , some of my closet friends I meet on monkey , it a really cool app , but you can chat with people and even video chat the people u meet before , It hard for me to make friends but monkey has helped me a lot with that by talking to new people my age , and what rlly nice is you can talk to people your age instead of people like five or ten years old then you , it has helped with my anxiety a lot , I a really cool app everyone should check out Best way to video chat with others from EVERYWHERE 😊 & add friends on Snapchat ❤️❤️ Extremely Recommended to others looking for something fun to do when bored out your mind in class, home, etc.

Love the simple free service for doing basic video conferences.

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