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Without banning the use of modern contraception altogether, the Islamic government dismantled Iran's national family program soon after the 1979 revolution because it was viewed as a Western innovation.But about 10 years later, the government saw high fertility and rapid population growth as obstacles to the country's security and economic development, and established one of the most successful family planning programs in the world.correspondent Jason Rezaian, an Iranian-American, was sentenced to an unspecified prison term following a closed-door trial on widely criticized espionage charges.There was also a surge in executions during the year, with estimates indicating that the number easily exceeded the reported total for 2014. Electoral Process: 3 / 12 The supreme leader, who has no fixed term, is the highest authority in the country.

There was a detailed planning meeting in June of 1998, and I resigned in August of 1998.

The supreme leader is appointed by the Assembly of Experts, which also monitors his work.

However, in practice his decisions appear to go unchallenged by the assembly, whose proceedings are kept confidential.

Furthermore, 60 percent of the Iranian population is under 30, born around the 1979 Islamic revolution or after(see Figure 1).

The youth bulge is more evident in Iran than any other country in the world because Iran has experienced the fastest fertility decline in the last two decades or so, according to a recent United Nations report (see Table A.14).

(July 2009) Recent political developments in Iran highlight the country's demographic and social shifts over the past 20 years.

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