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The monsoon was coming and their thatch-roofed house in Yangon's Hlaingthaya Township required urgent repairs.Her brother's school fees and old debts also needed to be paid.Wut Yee, who requested to change her name for this story, had quit school to handle household chores and look after her brother, and she had no other source of income. The monsoon was coming and their thatch-roofed house in Rangoon’s Hlaing Tharyar Township required urgent repairs.

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After two months, she quit over disagreements with colleagues and exploitation by the owner, and she decided to ply the trade alone on the streets, often following men more than twice her age into dingy hotel rooms.However, other social indicators suggest that the census results could be inaccurate or skewed between urban and rural communities.Furthermore, school attendance for both sexes begins to drop sharply after primary school age, going from about 69% at age 12 to 30% for girls at age 16; the proportion for males at this age is slightly lower.The ADB also found that the dropout rate for girls is 7% higher than for boys.[i] Despite increased equality in access to education for girls compared to boys, gender bias in employment remains problematic.Female participation in the labour market sits at 63.1% compared with 85.1% for men, with the majority of women working in non-paid employment in agriculture. The index categorises the country as exposing investors to an ‘extreme risk’ of association with practices that discriminate against, or otherwise limit or infringe the rights of, women and girls.

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