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Web High Priestess Heidi is in the process of making this long page into individual venue pages for better ease of use. PROTOCOL If there were more than one club at a single location, I have alphabetized them with pointers to the original club. Don’t know anything about this place, but I found this matchbook online, so what the heck?Thus, if the Huddle existed before Arturo’s, the entry for Arturo’s would say “See the Huddle” and any information about Arturo’s would be under the Huddle. Also, hotels are not listed under “H” but under their other name, thus Nicollet Hotel, not Hotel Nicollet. Besides, doesn’t “lounge” call for a lounge singer?Listing the hundreds of live music venues that operated in the Twin Cities from the 19th Century to 1974 may be an impossible task, but it’s great fun! If I’ve grabbed one of your photos and not given you credit, please let me know!If you have any to add or corrections to make, please contact me. NOTES: When I cite Stebbins, I am referring to a Ph. This site got switched over to Word Press and swallowed up a lot of my photos.This column was supposed to be about something the area of 70th Street East and East Avenue M, where he was pronounced dead at the scene, said Deputy Kelvin Moody of the Sheriff’s Information Bureau.When Dora moved back to her native New York, she leased the property to none other than Frank Sinatra, who remained there for almost ten years.

Farralone, or the “Great Glass Mansion” or the “Sinatra Compound” as it is also sometimes called, was commissioned by Chase-Manhattan-Bank-heiress Dora Hutchison in 1951 and was designed by Pereira & Luckman, the architecture firm who also gave us the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco, the Theme Building (aka The Encounter Restaurant & Bar) at the Los Angeles International Airport, and, my personal favorite, the Disneyland Hotel. I try to get permission to quote people and give credit on the photos. Many of these photos and information come from the folks on Facebook.And, let me tell you, I took one look at the photographs featured on the real estate listing and became just a wee-bit obsessed with stalking the place.Zohra Mohamed Teke investigates the world of the country’s illicit sex trade as part of a series.Some are single mothers, somestudents, some have husbands who drop them off at what they think is an office job.

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