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As such, our Academy has developed numerous links with partner schools and organisations abroad.

PE is an important part of the curriculum; all children take regular part in regular physical exercise.

The rape and abuse took place eight years ago over three days in a hotel room without witnesses.

The man responsible died three months later, long before the police could finish their investigation, and the victim's boyfriend didn't believe her account anyway.

RECENT CLIENTS: The Three Monkeys, Israel P & O Ferries Butlins Holiday Park Haven Holiday Park Park Resorts Holiday Parks British Army Very impressed by the Legomen great set lists and great playing of the songs to give the night a very special feel.

Come on regale me with your stories of , Wright, Wilberforce, Christian et al Originally posted by David Murray: What, it took them 4 years to find that out ? I was at the Junior school which was then within the grounds of the senior school. If you are around, you must remember Brothers James and Solomon? Wright scared the bejesus out of me, but he never taught me, so i think I got away with it. She was know for chucking the blackboard rubber with missile like precision at whomever she found talking in her classes. I was never completely certain when he was talking to me!! His weapon of choice was the set square I seem to remember, or was it a T Square? Also, caterham had the most frightening fights I ever saw. He was better than Mr Peake though, the ugliest history teacher in the Southern Hemisphere. The great thing about Trinity is that Chris Tarrant is the headmaster. And to think the Whitgift Foundation also owns the Swan and Sugar Loaf, where even Kevin T dare not go! Christ, I need to go and lie down in a darkened room after thinking about this.

I didn't get where I am today without drinking extremely heavily and doing no work. It turned comprehensive the year after I started and went downhill rapidly - the good teachers (and there weren't many) went to work at Lanfranc because it was step up!

Originally posted by Spanish Dan: Another Old-Midwhitgiftian here. I went there straight from Winterbourne - did you go straight from junior school or via Norbury Manor or Ingram?

Other subject areas are predominately covered in an integrated manner through topics or themes embracing particular focuses.

These areas are Computing, Music, Art, History, Geography, Design and Technology and Religious Education.

She claims repayment of the loan (100,000) plus compound interest and certain consequential relief. Put with similar brevity, the Defendant says that 108 Brigstock Road is his sole property and, always has been.

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