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I'm happy to know that so many guys out there like to watch me and what I do, but after having finished my very first shoot I was far away from thinking that I could be called a porn star some months later! How did you decide to get into porn and how did you feel when you first began? Gay Demon hit up Johnny V for a talk about his favourite scenes, whose cock he's enjoyed sucking the most, which top gave him the best pounding, and lots more.

Or it can be something big, like not taking advantage of their employers.

I know that I have a big cock, but nevertheless I am also insecure sometimes about myself. When I arrived at the set for the very first time, Staxus really took care of me and made me feel good every moment. Also all those hot boys that you can see at Staxus so … Really I got into porn to build a following and branch out into what I really want to do, which is be a Hollywood actor. The scene with Mark Long for Next Door Raw was probably my favorite. A porn blogger doesn't need a crystal ball to predict that one, Gainz is a good-looking guy with a hot body, but did he have what it takes to be more than a three-scene wonder? With nearly 50 scenes under his belt, Quentin Gainz is Gay Demon's Model of the Week.

See the full post Gay Demon interviews Staxus exclusive model, Angel Lopez to find out about his career in porn and a bit about his background. So they call you “Angel the Tongue.”You are welcome. Yes, hehe they do, but I don’t know why …How did you get started in porn and what made you decide to become a porn star with Staxus? Invoking emotion and telling a story on screen, that can bring a person to tears or make them laugh out loud, that's what I really want to do. I asked Gainz about some of his favourite scenes, so come inside and see what he had to say.

The lack of creativity in the name is made up for tenfold with the beer.

ABC was founded in 1986 by a beer-enthused couple and now ships its icy brews to 18 states.

Whether you work in an office, a diner, a boutique or a barn, there's one job you share with every other Christian in the work force: serving God in all you do.

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