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We have several busy web sites and welcome dedicated women, men and transgendered alike to join our team. * To be considered one of our operators you have to be willing to do "light trolling" which means you meet and greet potential clients in our company owned phone sex chat room. Most importantly, you have to be creative and unique!After you have read our requirements below, please click on the link to apply at the bottom of the page.Apply Now Our growing business is looking for a skilled problem solver to join our team as a Customer Service Representative.We need enthusiastic individuals who can listen to customer service issues and then offer a unique and innovative solution to each problem.We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so you can choose the hours that suit you.

Become a Phone Sex Operator PSO, Start Your Own Adult Phone Sex Line Business.

What other job can you sit at home in your sweat pants with bed-head and make money just by talking about sex?

Even though you're allowed certain freedoms with this line of work, it is still WORK and requires effort in the self-promotion department.

We are currently seeking dedicated operators to join our growing team of talented and hard-working phone sex operators.

With phone sex you have certain freedoms you don't have with a regular, run-of-the-mill job.

RPI/Palm Island is currently looking for creative, sexually independent operators to join our growing team.

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