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Hi friends, I am Vinay (name changed) 28 years old living in Delhi since my birth.

I am working in an MNC and is well-settled in Delhi NCR. 5’5” with just little bit healthy than perfect slim and beautiful in looks, dressed in a decent black saree (with some white spots design) with black blouse and perfect shaped breasts. 5’5” tall with perfect slim shape, not so beautiful but full of attitude-face and with a fair complexion in red saree with black blouse.

Since my bed was a king size bed and i was living alone my cousin said he will spread his bedding on the same bed and there would be no necessity for another bed for him. Since we were of almost of the same age we became very friendly within a few days. Since we were living in the annexie at a distance from the main house there was no possibility of any one coming in the night.

On those days when he was able to realize good money he used to take me out for dinner in some good restaurant. I get only little money for pocket expenses and that is all i have.

I was then aged about 23 years and student of ll.b. My cousin was a little older and was about 28 years of age but still unmarried and had established a prosperous business.

He had come in connection with his business to recover his dues from various businessmen to whom he had supplied goods manufactured by him.

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There he ordered drinks for both of us and i felt that we had taken more drinks than what we should have taken and i felt inebriated. He asked me kabhi kisi ladki ko choda hai tumne (have you ever fucked a girl)? I said she may complain to my parents and i will be given a thorough thrashing. I said excepting jerking off there is no other way for me. He ignored my question and he asked kabhi kisi ki pahle gaand maari hai (have you fucked anyone in the ass before). Then he said koi baat nahin main tumhein sab sikha doonga (don’t worry i will teach you every thing).

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