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It is disputed whether or not Big Sister was a brothel.

and sign a contract purchasing a DVD of their actions in the club, and at the same time selling the online and DVD distribution rights for the material.

Prague residents are always reluctant to admit that the city has become one of the most important centres of sex tourism in Europe since the Velvet Revolution in 1989.

Tourists coming to Prague always presume that prostitution is legal in the Czech Republic.

Prostitution in the Czech Republic is allowed for persons over 18 years of age, but pimping and brothels are illegal according to Section 204 of the Criminal Code.

This assumption might be supported by the fact that beer and alcohol altogether are considered cheap and easily accesible. Nevertheless, the Czech law is a little bit unclear and lax about these matters.

That’s why we have summarized a few steps that will help you to ensure your perfect stay and that will tell you where to find the best place for sex in Prague.

Before the term "camera obscura" was first used in 1604, many other expressions were used including "cubiculum obscurum", "cubiculum tenebricosum", "conclave obscurum" and "locus obscurus".

A camera obscura device without a lens but with a very small hole is sometimes referred to as a "pinhole camera", although this more often refers to simple (home-made) lens-less cameras in which photographic film or photographic paper is used.

The surroundings of the projected image have to be relatively dark for the image to be clear, so many historical camera obscura experiments were performed in dark rooms.

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