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Don't be shy about asking but don't expect much on the quality side. Depending on how good looking you are you may get OWO and CIM, but there usually extra.The next best place would be hotels and motels, just go and ask the desk clerk as in most eastern and southern european countries.The problem in Albania is that prostitution is not legal and very much condemned by public opinion.Since it is a tiny country words gets around that why its a bit hard to find the women. The easiest place to find girls is through taxi drivers who work at night.

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But Albania’s status as one of Europe’s poorest countries and its slightly checkered past mean that mention of its name is more likely to elicit thoughts of riots and communist dictatorships than beautiful beaches and the vibrant café culture of Tirana, the country’s capital. Today the country is being built up fast by a people eager to recover from almost 50 years of an oppressive communist dictatorship and the unrest that accompanied its transition to democracy.

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Prostitution is highly shamed by the society, but prostitutes who work hidden an be found, even though their number is very low.

There are also Albanian Prostitutes that work abroad, mainly in Italy and sometimes Greece, mostly from the Roma or Gypsy minority.

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