Seinfeld dating loophole speed dating event california

George then recommends to Steinbrenner that they try something new for lunch the next day.Steinbrenner insists that they continue to keep their routine.

Soon enough, George gets banned from the calzone place for a misunderstanding with the tip jar.

Some very funny parts, but not enough to get into the Top 25. "The Calzone" (April 25, 1996) SUMMARY George becomes Steinbrenner's pet when he shares an eggplant calzone with him.

Jerry is dating a woman who gets anything she wants.

Elaine is sort of dating Todd Gak, who keeps getting dates with her through a series of dating loopholes, but then steals Jerry's gal, who gets away with anything and everything. , three pronounciations of Calzone, forward link to "It's a peach" by Elaine with the cigar with "Rubber fire", Kramer throwing the change at Gak like a mobster, and Steinbrenner getting distracted from not getting the calzone, eating with George each day the calzone, all for Kramer's clothes were heated up in an oven.

Overall, a solidly hilarious episode, well deserved of the Top 50. The calzonay, Steinbrenner telling George that "alright, I'm a little jealous", Steinbrenner with his "Costanza's in the building", Todd Gak, and the fake Cuban cigars round this puppy off.

Grade: Akiva – A, Rob – A-Jerry’s Storyline – Jerry starts dating a woman name Nicki who is so attractive, she is able to get anything she wants, and get out of any trouble.

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