Seattle speed dating bars lita dating


Speed dating and heavy metal seem wholly antithetical to one another.

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I quickly realized this was a terrible strategy, and true metal heads would probably NOT be big fans of any type of top-40 list.

If we meet a dater we don't think you'll fancy meeting, we'll say 'No thank you' so you don't have to.

A low key, sophisticated approach to dating in Los Angeles.

Opened by a Montana-born industry veteran (La Bete, Matt's in the Market, etc.) and the entrepreneur behind Rachel's Ginger Beer, this 40-seater's serving better-than-usual beers and a few classic cocktails in a charmingly awkward space that used to house the Buck's, now transformed thanks to stained wood and highway signs (some bullet-riddled!

) into the kind of intentionally divey space where you're encouraged to carve your name into the tables.

Soldiers, sailors, nurses, firemen - Ooh, they're gorgeous!

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