Screenupdating vba mac

I think you are talking about the following line: Application.

Screen Updating = True (it will not automatically be set back to True, you need to do it manually) 'Tis indeed true, depending on what you're doing. Screen Updating = False at the start of your code, turn it back to True at the end. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners.

I've tweaked it very slightly to define the parent folder in which to look for xlsm files, rather than have the user select the folder. Value = "Please Wait, Report Being Prepared" 'START DATA INPUT ON ROW 3 rnum = 3 'Change Screen Updating, Calculation and Enable Events With Application Calc Mode = .

However, the Mac version doesn't seem to have a line to delve into the subfolders of my parent folder "Projects" like the Windows version does.

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Now I have to do same for Mac and have again used his new merge routine for Mac at Open(folder Path & My Files(FNum), Update Links:=0) On Error Go To 0 If Not mybook Is Nothing Then On Error Resume Next With mybook.

A wise strategy might be be to use something like the below while testing your code, and remarking out the error trap if you get any errors to see where they occur. Calculation = xl Calculation Manual ' Your code Err Trap: Application.

You might also consider turning calculation to Manual and, if you have any worksheet event code, disabling that too:- Sub Your Macro On Error Goto Err Tap Application.

I've tried to insert various lines of code to include subfolders but without success.

Is it just a simple additional line to insert in the code somewhere?

But it also works even if you run your Automation code from Word itself.

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