Sccm software inventory not updating

However, updates computer equipment is a necessity for security.

In this article series I will introduce you how to update your computers limiting constraints with SCCM Software update.

Resource ID from SMS_R_System inner join SMS_G_System_WORKSTATION_STATUS on SMS_G_System_WORKSTATION_STATUS. Resource Id where DATEDIFF(dd, SMS_G_System_WORKSTATION_STATUS. Last Hardware Scan, Get Date()) solution that i tried got worked.

Client from SMS_R_System where Resource Id in (select SMS_R_System.

This collection however, showed over 1000 machines that were reporting back as having successfully installed the program, indicating that although successfully running the program, it was not installed.

Ordinarily this usually indicates a problem in the query or a problem in a program exiting with code 0 when in fact it failed.

on the clients indicated that it had indeed ran (for the right amount of time) and had then exited with code 0.However WSUS can’t be used alone in a big IT infrastructure requiring automation.This product doesn’t have a granular scheduler to deploy update. SCCM has a system role called Software Update Point (SUP). When it is set, SCCM can manage updates catalog and binaries to make updates packages.WSUS is in charge of downloading updates and distribute them on different machines.Because there are a lot of updates for several products, downloading updates is performed according to some rules such as classification, languages or products.Patch compliance success rate is depends mainly on heath of your SCCM clients and some times things may go wrong even though sccm client is healthy (able to receive applications/packages and performing inventory except patches).

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