Sarah coventry dating

Stuart, came up with the concept for the collection of jewelry that grew to be known as "Sarah Coventry." Named after Stuart's granddaughter, Sarah Coventry began selling jewelry for women and men through home fashion shows and parties starting in 1949.

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In 1949, the founder of Emmons Home Fashion, Charles H.

Although the company did not design or manufacture the jewelry, Sarah Coventry was involved in determining which designs worked for the line.

The vintage pieces show the history of the jewelry company.

Both men and women were recruited to host the parties.

The Sarah Coventry business was cashing in on the very popular, and now affordable, market of costume jewellery, and women themselves were invested in the venture. Charles H Stuart first started out working for his father, Charles W Stuart, who had commenced his business in 1853 selling fruit trees direct to the customer.

These are highly collectible jewels from the 1960s, and are signed in back of each jewel. The combination of colors in the stones give them a kind of light peacock look.

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