Sarah barthel dating

I'm an extreme sports fanatic, and it doesn't get any better than Shaun White.

Plus, I've always known he's a good guy with a big heart.

As far as consolation prizes go, that's not so bad. Mates of State Status: Married with kids Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel have been married for nearly a decade and still emanate the sunny optimism of newlyweds.

These two are almost as painfully adorable as their music — a hyper cavalcade of synth-pop (pretty much the sonic equivalent of kittens sliding down rainbows).

Unfortunately for us, Johnathan Rice is the only guy who gets that honor.

But at least we get some twangy folk songs out of their relationship.

I would describe our music to be similar in that sense,” Carter explains.

To add to the tweeness, she's even been known to perform while eight months pregnant, no easy feat when you're pounding the keyboards and belting your heart out to a crowd of sweaty (likely single) indie kids. Beach House Status: Just friends Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally are more likely to put each other to sleep rather than you know, actually sleep together. It's just that their music is so ethereal and atmospheric, with organ drones and shrouded reverb, that it can almost lull you into unconsciousness.

Luckily, Victoria's haunting, Nico-like vocals keep us awake and wanting to hear more from this charmingly spacy duo. Sleigh Bells Status: Just Friends As Sleigh Bells, Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss make music that's almost as explosive as their chemistry.

Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel of Phantogram never performed together as children, although they’ve known each other since junior high. They know all each others’ stories, these self-described “partners in crime,” yet they still manage to entertain one another.

A mutual friend of theirs had a video camera — a rarity, back in the ‘90s — and Josh remembers filming comedy skits and skateboarding videos before heading to Sarah’s house to jump on her trampoline. It’s been three years since the group released their debut full-length album while on tour, the band is currently on a break.

It's pretty insane to assume that she is single as her aura itself signifies hotness. The spunky and vivacious 34-year-old singer started dating the 2X Olympic veteran snowboarder and skater, Shaun White since 2013.

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