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As Joseph Stalin ordered the Russian troops - "not a step backwards".

Sergei Markedonov, from the Institute of Political and Military Analysis in Moscow, says the battle was not only huge in scale but also in time.

The Battle of Stalingrad saw more than 2 million Soviet and German soldiers desperately fighting in the snow and mud for six months.

In late 1911 a minister in the Russian government showed Tsar Nicholas II a letter in his wife’s handwriting. I kiss you warmly.”Unfortunately the German-born Alexandra was not writing to her husband.

“I wish to fall asleep on your shoulder,” the Tsarina gushed. The object of her devotion was a Siberian peasant with teeth like blackened stumps, foul breath, yellowing eyes and a ­straggly beard.

When he was murdered a few months before the Russian revolution his aristocratic assassins were hailed as national heroes with ­factory workers passing resolutions to protect the ringleader. Grigory Rasputin was born in 1869 in Pokrovskoye, a village 200 miles from Tobolsk, the historic capital of Siberia.

Grigory’s cart-driver father was relatively well off with an eight-room house and ­owned 12 cows and 18 horses.

The Germans eventually surrendered in a battle that not only changed the course of the war but helped forge Russians' sense of who they were and who they continue to be.

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