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The creative interaction of apparent contradictions makes out a large part of its fascination: listed cathedrals of industry serve as modern think tanks for innovative ideas and culture.200 museums, 120 theatres and 100 concert halls prosper magnificently in the midst of superlative urban entertainment.Research Academy Ruhr is sponsored and supported by the three UA Ruhr universities of Bochum, Dortmund, and Duisburg-Essen and is instrumental for the development of UA Ruhr as academic location.The goal of the Mercator Research Center Ruhr is to foster strategic cooperation within the University Alliance Ruhr and, thereby, to strengthen the Ruhr area as an academic hub.Berndt, Christian (2001): Corporate Germany between Globalization and Regional Place Dependence: Business Restructuring in the Ruhr Area. Berndt, Christian (2004): Ruhr Firms between Dynamic Change and Structural Persistence – Globalization, the ‘German Model’ and Regional Place-Dependence. Issue Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers. Blotevogel, Hans Heinrich; Peter Schmitt (2005): The European Metropolitan Region Rhine-Ruhr in the context of the gradual paradigm shift in strategic planning in Germany.

The former coal washing plant now houses the Ruhr Museum.

Boemer, Hermann (2000): The Regional Impact of the ‘Hostile’ Takeover of Mannesmann by Vodafone on the Rhine-Ruhr Region – a New Paradigm for Stakeholders in / from Traditional Industrial Regions in Germany? Box 217 7500 AE Enschede Niederlande Quelle: of citation: March 2013)Danielzyk, Rainer; Gerald Wood (2004): Innovative Strategies of Political Regionalization.

In: Cooke, Philip, (ed.) (1995): The Rise of the Rustbelt.

The Rhine-Ruhr region is well served by two major international airports: Düsseldorf and Cologne-Bonn, both of which have excellent railway and intercity rail connections to all cities in the Ruhr region, including Mülheim and Bottrop.

If you prefer to rent a car at the airport, a comprehensive system of motorways (Autobahnen) will take you to our campuses in less than an hour.

Boemer, Hermann (2000): The changing economy and evolution of development policies in the Ruhr 1978–1998. Brüggemann, Jürgen; Gernot Pahlen, Susanne Glöckner (2005): Brownfield Regeneration and the Challenge of Sustainability. Butzin, Bernhard (2005): Brownfields as a challenge of urban development in the Ruhr. Cooke, Philip (ed.) (1995): The Rise of the Rustbelt. Faculty of Business, Public Administration and Technology.

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