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However, I like the second couple much more to the first one… She was pretty I like this drama a lot and it’s very pleasant to watch… I love them from “Secret” and I still occasionally rewatch the drama.. ) But, got a bit dissapointed why he chose this instead of Kill me heal me.. Yong Pal I almost forgot to include this drama in my post.. It gives you the thrilling edge and it got you hooked in your sit..

High Society I like this drama a lot and now I am watching it for the second time.. It’s very entertaining to watch and I think that this series is going to be a classic!!! Overall; if you are a big fan of Kim Tae Hae, it’s definitely a must watch… The producer I wanna cry talking about this drama but not in a good way… I even went to his fan meeting and paid a lot of money… Taking my obsession further, I even flew to Korea and went to Kintex to see the exhibition about his drama and went to EVERY drama scenery place…You may look at it here But, I still choose to drop this drama…

Many feel that Wang's attractive figure is a combination of the Hong Kong popstar Andy Lau and Taiwanese popstar Jay Chou.

in 2002, Wang was signed by Sony Music (Taiwan) to form a 6-man boy band Comic Boyz (可米小子) where he was the leader of the group.

(I say this because I think the drama will be more well known if it was aired on TVB.) I remember shipping his character with Ada Choi, which was no mean feat since Chilam is one of my favourites since… For some reason though, I originally thought Gregory was Taiwanese possibly because he worked in Taiwan for a number of years but looking at his filmography, I haven’t seen any of his earlier works. What you might not know is that a month or so ago, Gregory was already in Admiralty. It’s sad that in life, we only notice people when they’re popular. One of his brothers is in Finance and the other just took over the family business. Be a professional, or be someone who can earn money and support a family. If you’re like this, I’m just wasting money paying your wage.

王宗堯 (Wong Jung Yiu), the word Yiu refers to an Emperor in Chinese history. When a father names his sons after Emperors, he hopes they will become leaders or have the life of a leader, right? As the eldest son, Gregory chose a career his father thought was the most impractical – acting. Or at least in a field where there’s more stability. If I’m running a business, I will probably give everything away. You should be more serious.’ I replied, ‘Actually, I don’t really want to work here.’ So he sent me to Taiwan.

I signed with Dorian (多利安) which was a subsidiary of his company (藝能), the same company as Rainie Yang and Roy Qiu.”“The first four, five months I hadn’t signed with any company.

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But of course I’m just kidding since there is no way either would agree to star in a drama together.In the meantime, you can read the first article regarding this shoot here. Not to mention that Jasper is such an animated guy - you can't help but take to him when he starts talking and smiling.Edits: This behind the scenes video also came out today. Jasper has the prize shoot for Men's Uno this July in what appears to be a darker and sexier look.Can't wait to see the complete magazine shoot soon!I wish that she can have a second chance to live forever inside the female lead body.. The male lead actor, as always is very handsome from beginning to end…

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